Engine 2


Engine 2

Hingham Engine 2 1935 Ahrens-Fox

Engine 2 working at a fire

Hingham Engine 2 arriving at a three alarm fire at the Bradlee Fertilizer Company in Weymouth.


This Ahrens-Fox was received by the town of Hingham on June 13, 1935 at a cost $12,000 (less 3% for cash). It took sixty working days to build. It was retired and left town in October 1961.  The truck was acquired by the Bare Cove Fire Museum in January 1980. It took the members five years to restore at a cost of $28,000.



Engine 2 drafting

Testing the pump for the first time after restoration was completed in 1985.

Engine 2

Hingham Engine 2 at Bare Cove Park, Hingham.




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