Copyright and usage


Use Permission

The Bare Cove Fire Museum, Inc. welcomes use of materials from our archives in publications, exhibitions, presentations, film and video projects, websites, and other works. 

Please follow the guidelines below when submitting requests to use Bare Cove Fire Museum, Inc. materials. If you have any further questions or wish to submit a request, please contact our archivist at

Reproduction Policies 

Unless exempt (see below), you must obtain our written permission to reproduce any material in our archives. All licenses are for one use only; each instance of use must be requested separately and in writing. All reproduction must credit the Bare Cove Fire Museum, Inc. as the source of the image. 

In some instances, we may charge a license fee for your use of an image from our archives. License fees are assessed on a per-image basis and are independent from the cost of creating a high-resolution image. Click here to view the for the use of images of materials in our archives. 

Exempt Categories

The following uses are exempt from the formal licensing process:

●     Personal use (reference, home display, personal blogs and websites)

●    Academic assignments other than theses or dissertations

●     Lectures, presentations, and classroom use

●     Approved press requests (contact the Director of Communications)

Even if exempt from a formal license, you must complete a Reproduction Request Form and credit the Bare Cove Fire Museum, Inc. as the source of the image on or in a location near the image reproduced, in a manner accessible to the public.  

Uses Requiring a License

All other uses require us to license your use of an image from or of an item in our collection. All licenses are granted on a one-time, one-project basis. A license fee will be assessed for some licensed uses. See our 

License Fee Schedule

If you wish to request a license to use an image, please write to our archivist providing the following information: identification of the items you wish to use; a description of the proposed use; author name and title of the work in which the image will be reproduced; the anticipated date of publication and name of publication, if applicable; and anticipated press run or circulation. Upon receipt of any applicable license fee, a letter of permission will be provided. 

Images obtained from our archives may not be altered or manipulated so as to change the integrity of the image. 

License Fee s


  • Non-Profit  No Fee
  • Commercial: press run of 5,000 or below $25
  • Commercial: press run over 5,000:  $50
  • Cover art $100

Magazines and Newsletters

  • Non-Profit No Fee:
  • Distribution of 5,000 or less  $25
  • Distribution over 5,000  $50

E-books and e-journals (no anticipated print distribution)

  • Non-Profit No Fee
  • Commercial $25 

Television and video

  • Case-by-case basis 

Ephemera (calendars, brochures, posters, etc.)

  • Non-Profit $25
  • Commercial: print run of 5,000 or less $100
  • Commercial: print run of over 5,000 $150  

Website (other than e-books and e-journals)

  • Non-Profit No Fee
  • Commercial $25