frequently asked questions


Do the trucks run?

Yes! Well, most of the time. A few pieces of our motorized apparatus are approaching 100 years old, so maintenance is ongoing, and occasionally trucks are out of service for repairs.  But generally speaking, our trucks are in road-worthy status. Look for us in local parades, including the Hingham 4th of July and Quincy Christmas parades.

Can I drive a truck?

You must be a member in good standing to be authorized to drive one of our trucks. Interested? Stop by and ask about membership. We are always looking for more folks to join our organization. 

I think one of my ancestors was a Hingham fire fighter. Do you have information about him?

Maybe. We have a robust archives and processing of our files is ongoing. Stop in and we can see what we can locate. 

Are there volunteer opportunities?

Yes. We have been fortunate enough to sponsor several Girl Scout and Boy Scout projects over the years. If you have an idea, the Board of Directors would love to hear about it. 

Do I have to be a fire fighter to be a member?

Absolutely not.  We have a variety of members, many of whom came for an open house one day and liked what they saw enough to want to join. You don't even have to like fire trucks to be a member (although it helps). Do you like history? Do you just like local organizations? Do you just need a reason to get out of the house on a Wednesday night?